10/6/2006-Wasted Days is a feature song in the new Dane Cook Move "Employee of the Month"

02-01-06-Highwater Rising inks publishing deal with Lionsgate!

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[HWR now has over 20 placements; 9/10 songs from The In Between have been licensed for TV/flim ]1/2006-Aidan Hawken's song "Somebody Else " will be on the ABCfamily show "Wildfire" on Monday, January 16th at 8pm.

3/2005-Highwater Rising's song "Coming Undone" will be on the WB show "Summerland" on Monday, February 28th at 9pm. It should be in the last 1/4 of the show so I hope you can tune in to check it out (or Tivo it)!

1/2005 -"Wasted Days ," was featured on last weeks episode (#119) on FOX's North Shore. It runs during the last scene.

4/2004 - "Coming Undone" will be featured on April 20th's episode of One Tree Hill on the WB. Tune in for more of Highwater meets teen drama fun!

2/2004 - Pillows and Records, a newly penned HWR tune will be featured on The OC, FOX's hit teen show. Let's face it, it's for adults too! Airing, April 14th, 2004 at 9pm, the dramatic episode will close with HWR's new song leaving all who tune in with baited breath.

2/2004 - Wasted Days is now featured on XMradio channel 52!
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1/2004 - Skin, the Jerry Bruckheimer produced show for FOX has licensed Life in Three Parts for use on the show.

1/2004 - Coming Undone , track 1 from The In Between, is featured on a compilation from Beringer Wine. Doesn't The In Between sound good with a nice red wine? The first run is 10,000 copies.1/2004 - HBO's Sex in the City licenses Kissing Tree and Lie Awake for use in the shows last season.


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Aidan Hawken, Pillows & Records (Box29 Records 003)

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